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Our Supply Chain

Ethical Sourcing

Raw Sugar supply sustainability is a major focus for our business.

Chelsea refinery is a participant to the No Deforestation and No People Exploitation Sugar (NDPE) initiative, where all our sugar supply volumes come under compliance to the Wilmar NDPE (Sugar) Policy

NDPE is a continuous improvement programme focused on:

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Protecting and Respecting People and Communities

  • Support human rights and recognise the rights of all workers
  • Protect the rights of children and their welfare Respect land tenure rights
  • Respect the rights of indigenous and local communities
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Protecting natural ecosystems

  • No conversion of protected or conservation areas

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions are measured and reduction targets in place

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Enhancing operational practices

  • Improving overall efficiency of operations Effective management of water
  • Progressive implementation of agricultural best practice Preserve and enhance biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Toward 2025
Modern slavery risk management

We will introduce training, processes and supplier assessments to manage modern slavery risks in our supply chain


Maintain SEDEX accreditation to provide external assurance our operations and supply chain are ethically managed


Complete an Ecovardis assessment and develop and implement plans to score >60%

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NDPE Sugar initiative

Continue to produce refined sugar products under the NDPE(sugar) programme and continue to work with Wilmar to drive the NDPE(sugar) programme through our supply base