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Sustainable Packaging

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Our circular economy for packaging starts with packaging solutions that are easy to collect, sort and recycle enabling materials to be repurposed with their value returned to the economy.

We aim to eliminate non-recyclable materials that contaminate recycling streams; identify alternatives, reduce material use and improve end-of-life solutions.

We aim to progressively use more recycled content and/or renewable materials in our packaging to promote a circular economy.

  • Toward 2025
  • By 2030
Sustainability Icons
Recyclable packaging

100% of our packaging will be recyclable

Recycled content

Retail syrup bottles will be converted to 100% recycled PET

recycled content

We will continue to work to increase to recycled content of our packaging

Sustainable packaging

100% of our packaging will be sustainable

Product Excellence

We will use our product packing to communicate our sustainability messages to consumers.

We will develop product alternatives that require less energy during production.

We will continue to use the Chelsea Bay Visitors Centre and School Programme to educate the public on sugar nutrition, food technology, baking skills and inform the public regarding the Chelsea Sustainability Initiatives

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  • Toward 2025

We will update our packaging to to communicate sustainability, recycling, sugar sourcing and nutrition initiatives


We will develop products that consume less energy during production as an option for customers and consumers