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We have a wide range of products, to help beekeepers nationwide.  

Leading supplier for Beekeepers in NZ


NZ Sugar is the leading supplier of sugar products to the New Zealand Beekeeping Industry.  Whether you are a commercial player or an avid hobbyist, find out how we can help you in the feeding of your bees.  

We provide a range of New Zealand manufactured sugar products delivered nationwide from our site in Birkenhead, Auckland.  We also supply liquid and granular sugar to our South Island customers from our warehouse in Christchurch.

Liquid Sugars

  • Fine Liquid Sugar (FLS):
    • Maxidrums 1120 kg (843 litres)
    • Bulk road tankers 12 wet tonne (9000 litres) or 24 wet tonne (18,000 litres)
    • Flexitanks 24 wet tonne 
    • Available in 67 brix
  • Fine Liquid Sugar (FLS) Invert Sugar:
    • Maxidrums 1150 kg (845 litres @ 72 brix, 843 litres @ 67 brix). Returnable & reusable.
    • Bulk road tankers loads of 12 wet tonne (9000 litres) or 24 wet tonne (18,000 litres).
    • Flexitanks 24 wet tonne.
    • Available in 67 brix.
    • HMF levels are less than 5 mg/kg.
  • Premium Liquid Sugar:
    • Pick up ex Christchurch warehouse

Granular Sugar

Granular Sugar

  • Manufacturers white granular sugar 25 kg
  • Manufacturers white granular sugar IBC’s (one tonne bags)
  • Raw sugar 25 kg
  • Organic sugar 25 kg

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