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About us

One of NZ's Favourite Brands Since 1884


At Chelsea, we are trusted for delivering the highest-quality products. Our sugars are exciting (we boast over 15 types) and we are proud of our innovation: We lead the way with unique products like our delicious flavoured icing-sugars (where you just simply add water) to our jam-setting products. We make life easy.

Customers prefer Chelsea. They say using our products results in their best and most delicious baking being on show. Chelsea comes up trumps with its flavour, range and look.

Chelsea has been around for over 130-years. We are a competitive supplier and we’ve got the experience, the edge and the passion for our products. In turn, we are rewarded with the loyalty of our customers who love what we make. We shine through for delivering the best sugars that are Kiwi-made. We also have the ability to deliver products fast and we give top-notch service to clients because we are local. We are only a phone call away.

Ultimately, we deliver on the promises on our products and we are smart at communication and delivery. We care about the needs of our clients (no matter how tiny or big).



Our Food, Beverage & Ingredients division is important to NZ manufacturers. NZ Sugar provides trusted quality, continuous supply and unparalleled reliability. We continue to be New Zealand's favourite sugar & ingredients supplier, meeting customers needs on a daily basis.   

Sugar is an important ingredient in a wide range of foods and drinks. We service a large number of New Zealand based food and beverage companies who supply the local market and export their products worldwide.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

towards 2025

  • We will optimise the refining process to reduce energy intensity by more than 10% and Greenhouse Gas Emission intensity by more than 15% from a 2020 baseline
  • We will optimise product specifications and offer lower energy intensive products
  • We will electrify the evaporator plant by early 2023, reducing emissions by 2700 t CO2 per year
  • We will electrify our forklift fleet by 2024, reducing emissions by 100 t CO2 per year

by 2030

  • We will reduce our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 30% from a 2020 base

by 2050

  • Chelsea refinery operations will be net zero carbon

Water and Waste Reduction

towards 2025

  • We will reduce potable water usage by more than 10% from a 2020 base
  • We will ensure at least 90% of refining by-product is diverted away from landfill
  • We will invest in waste handling to facilitate the separation of all packaging waste for recycling

by 2030

  • We will reduce water usage by 20% from a 2020 base
  • 100% of our refining by-product will be diverted away from landfill to be repurposed
  • 100% of packaging waste generated at the Chelsea site will be recycled

Sustainable Packaging

towards 2025

  • 100% of our packaging will be recyclable
  • On average our packaging will contain at least 50% recycled content

by 2030

  • 100% of our packaging will be sustainable

Communities and Partnerships

towards 2025

  • We will improve the Wellbeing of our team through Chelsea Way of Being
  • Mind, Physical, Career, Financial – annual activities
  • We will develop a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion programme to increase female participation at work by 50% with pay parity
  • We will educate Chelsea staff on modern slavery
  • We will continue to retain Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit accreditation
  • We will contribute over 400 man hours to community groups we partner with
  • We will support over 5,000 children and students through learning programmes

by 2030

  • We will provide over 1500 man hours annually to community groups we partner with
    We will have a NZ Sugar Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering or other related degrees

Product Excellence

towards 2025

  • Inclusivity built into the Chelsea range by offering gluten free, organic, reduced calorie options
  • We will update our packaging to to communicate sustainability, recycling, sugar sourcing and nutrition initiatives

Ethical Sourcing

towards 2025

  • We will introduce training, processes and supplier assessments to manage modern slavery risks in our supply chain
  • Maintain gold standard in SEDEX to provide external assurance our operations and supply chain are ethically managed
  • Work with Wilmar to ensure 100% of our raw sugar supply is covered under the NDPE Sugar initiative

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We are located at  100 Colonial Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626 

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