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The Many Users of Sugar

Sucrose is an important ingredient in many pre-prepared foods. It not only makes food taste good but has unique properties that aid in food production.

A bulking agent - contributing to the bulk or body of products in baked good such as meringues.
In fermentation - providing food for yeast in breads and buns in order to produce carbon dioxide to raise the dough.
A preservative - helping reduce the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeast to extend the shelf life of products like jams and preserves.
A flavour enhancer - enhancing the taste of sour fruits.
An aid to body and viscosity - in liquid and semi-liquid products such as syrups and sweet sauces.
A unique colour and flavour - on heating, sugar caramelises to produce a desirable colour and flavour (browning)
Lowering freeze point - helps produce fine crystal structure and product smoothness in ice-cream and other frozen desserts.
Raising boiling point - enables a more concentrated sugar solution which is important in candy manufacture.